Great results from Personal Training

 Personal training at The Studio ek is a great way to fast track you to your health & fitness goals. A 1 hour PT session is free when you take a 3, 6, or 12 month membership, or you can invest in individual sessions. £30 per hour.

 During the course of the day and during classes, we try our hardest to give helpful advice to our team members on weights, technique, diet and anything health and fitness related. But nothing can beat a one to one PT session when we concentrate on your own individual needs and questions.

 The session is a one to one with either Lee or Gee, we will suggest the best possible use of the hour for your needs. It can be spent discussing your food, diet, eating/food shopping habits. Planning realistic goals for the future and how to achieve them. Or a training session in the Sculpt or Cycle Studio. It can be spent mastering your weights and technique for Studio Sculpt.

  Sessions are booked in advance at a time that suits us both. Personal training sessions on a regular basis are a great way to keep you focused, motivated and on top of your health and fitness goals.

For more details please call  07740166208 / 07793231064  email