Here's how to book a class

Book in for your first class

 Classes can be booked in advance or on the day, either by text, e-mail, Facebook, or an old fashioned phone call. Just tell us your name and what class(es) you would like to book.

 New members can book their first class in advance as above and buy the 2 week pass on arrival at The Studio EK.

1 Month pass and Pay as you go please book on the day.

 All our other membership packages allow you to book one week in advance so you can plan your weeks ahead AND book the bike you want.

  Paying monthly by standing order will also give you the benefit of booking in advance
Ask for details.

 Any questions please don't hesitate to call Gordon or Lee using the numbers below.

 The results our members have achieved by regularly scheduling classes in advance, have been astonishing. 
Check out our testimonials page

 But don't take our word for it, come and check it out for yourself.
To book your class call or text   07740166208   07793231064  email.