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  The benefits of  cardio training like Studio Cylce and resistance training like Studio Sculpt are huge.

 At the Studio ek we Specialize in both these highly beneficial forms of workout. We also combine these two types of training into a one hour class on Mon, Tues, Wed & Thursday in a highly effective workout known as STUDIO COMBO

Studio Cycle

  Using a stationary bike, riders simulate the conditions of an outdoor ride (without the traffic and the rain) The difficulty or resistance, is entirely up to the individual. The rider controls the intensity by adjusting the tension applied to the back wheel.

 We ride in a group of up to 21 riders so you always have support from the other members of the team as well as Gee & Lee. We do it in the dark, the big screen, the disco lights are on, the coaching is inspiring and motivational. Off you go, from the first warm up to the hill climbs to the quicker pace, to the steady long climbs, to the cool down 45 mins later. You decide how hard or easy its going to be. 

 For first time riders we will set up and explain how your bike should feel and how to get the best from your first experience at Studio Cycle. 

  Studio Sculpt

   It has been known in the past as Bodypump. Using rhythm with resistance Studio Sculpt is a highly effective workout to boost metabolism, fat loss, and muscle strength. Toning and shaping your body has never been so much fun. Great music, great technique and fantastic results all add up to make Studio Sculpt one of THE most effective ways of getting your body in shape.

  Don't worry if you have never lifted a bar or dumbell before, Gee and Lee will guide you through weight selection, proper form and technique and will always take into consideration your level of fitness.

The results our Studio members have been getting through a combination of Studio Cycle and Studio Sculpt is amazing. If you want to see amazing changes to your body shape come along and join us. Our classes are small and friendly.