The Studio Di8t

   The Studio Di8t


The Studio Di8t is for individuals with a real desire to lose body fat, feel great and get measurable results. It is about eating the right foods in the right quantities to complement your exercise routine. Changing your body, increasing your energy levels, looking and feeling healthier. 
You will receive an initial 1 hour consultation. You will be weighed, which will include your body fat %, measured, asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire and bring a completed food diary. Your goals will be discussed and we will identify what is stopping you achieving the healthy body shape you deserve.

You will commit to an 8 week programme, follow your personal tailor made plan and have a personal one to one progress study every 2 weeks to chart your progress. And of course we will be on hand at The Studio to answer any queries in the meantime.

This new Studio Di8t will not be included in your membership package, there will be a fee of £90 for the 8 week transformation. You can sign up even if you're not a current Studio member for £120.
So be very clear you want to do this. We only want people who are committed to this. We want people to get a return on their investment.
 You will have to follow some simple rules and have a real commitment to change.

To book call or text 07740166208 / 07793231064 leave a PM on facebook, or email

Together we can make it happen.

Gee n Lee.