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Working with weights is a proven way of BURNING MAJOR CALORIES both during and after your Sculpt workout. So if you want to change the shape of your body you MUST give this a go.

Forget lifting tractor tyres or hanging from the roof on an elasticated rope. Don't be fooled with 15 min workouts. Weight training has stood the test of time as THE most effective way to change your body shape alongside a healthy eating plan like The Studio DI8T.

A common concern of ladies thinking about a weights workout for the first time is......" I don't want to get bulky and look like a bodybuilder". We totally understand this concern. DO NOT WORRY it's NEVER going to happen during your Sculpt workout.

 What you WILL ACHIEVE is that holy grail of fitness statements
" I just want to tone up and lose some weight"

Just take a look at the ladies in the video. Do they look bulky?

If you want to give Studio Sculpt a try, you can. With our 2 week intro pass you can try as many classes as you like for just £20.