A great calorie burning workout at The studio ek Spin class. Click to view.

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Some facts about indoor cycling, "Spin" and The Studio ek.
  • Suitable for all levels and age groups. You ride at your own intensity.
  • If you're trying to lose weight Studio Cycle is a great calorie and fat burner.
  • If you cycle outdoors this will boost your performance like you would not believe.
  • Indoor cycling is an ultra low impact workout ideal for those with any knee or joint issues.
  • Indoor Cycling has been around for more than 25 years, outlasting all other fady workouts.
  • You can try a one off class for £7 or have a 2 week trial for £20.
  • WARNING Your backside and legs will be sore after your first class.
  • WARNING Your energy levels will be sky high and you will feel great.
  • WARNING You may become addicted.
  • WARNING Becoming a member The Studio ek could change your life forever.

Here's a quick look at what Studio Sculpt is all about

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Working with weights is a proven way of BURNING MAJOR CALORIES both during and after your Sculpt workout. So if you want to change the shape of your body you MUST give this a go.

Forget lifting tractor tyres or hanging from the roof on an elasticated rope. Don't be fooled with 15 min workouts. Weight training has stood the test of time as THE most effective way to change your body shape alongside a healthy eating plan like The Studio DI8T.

A common concern of ladies thinking about a weights workout for the first time is......" I don't want to get bulky and look like a bodybuilder". We totally understand this concern. DO NOT WORRY it's NEVER going to happen during your Sculpt workout.

 What you WILL ACHIEVE is that holy grail of fitness statements
" I just want to tone up and lose some weight"

Just take a look at the ladies in the video. Do they look bulky?

If you want to give Studio Sculpt a try, you can. With our 2 week intro pass you can try as many classes as you like for just £20.

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Classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness, beginner through to experienced. Gordon and Lee will know you by name and take time to guide, advise and motivate you during your class. Our classes a very user friendly so you will never feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Our members will make you feel right at home.

clear view of the instructor
4 rows of  tiered bikes

 Don't worry if you have never been on an indoor bike before or lifted a bar or dumbell before, Gee and Lee will guide you through weight selection, proper form and technique and will always take into consideration your level of fitness.

 The results our Studio members have been getting through a combination of Studio Cycle and Studio Sculpt is amazing. If you want to see amazing changes to your body shape come along and join us. Our classes are small and friendly.

Small and friendly classes

Sculpt Studio

Clear instruction

Class Timetable

The Studio has a great light show to give you the best possible cycle experience

BUY A PASS CLICK HERE http://www.thestudioek.com/p/packages.html

If you're new to The Studio ek, to get you started  you can try as many classes as you like for 2 weeks for just £20. We will also send you our e guide..... 5 top tips how to get results fast and how large gym's won't work for most people ,Just leave your e mail address in the box below. It's FREE.

To book a class text or call 07740166208 / 07793231064


12.15-1      STUDIO CYCLE         

1.15-2.15  STUDIO SCULPT        

6-6.45        STUDIOFIT20/20

7-7.45        STUDIO CYCLE

8-9             STUDIO SCULPT


10-11am   STUDIO COMBO

5.15-6        STUDIO CYCLE

6.15-7.15  STUDIO SCULPT

7.30-8.15      STUDIO CYCLE


12.15-1pm  STUDIO CYCLE

1.15-2.15    STUDIO SCULPT

6-6.45         STUDIOFIT20/20

7-8               STUDIO SCULPT

8.15-9         STUDIO CYCLE


10-11am    STUDIO COMBO

5.15-6pm   STUDIO CYCLE

6.15-7.15   STUDIO SCULPT

7.30-8.15   STUDIO SCULPT

8.30-9.15   STUDIO CYCLE


12.15-1pm  STUDIO CYCLE

1.15-2.15    STUDIO SCULPT

6.-7            STUDIOFIT20/20



11.15-12.00 STUDIO CYCLE


 07740166208 / 07793231064.