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Classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness, beginner through to experienced. Gordon and Lee will know you by name and take time to guide, advise and motivate you during your class. Our classes a very user friendly so you will never feel intimidated or uncomfortable. Our members will make you feel right at home.

clear view of the instructor
4 rows of  tiered bikes

 Don't worry if you have never been on a spin bike before or lifted a bar or dumbell before, Gee and Lee will guide you through weight selection, proper form and technique and will always take into consideration your level of fitness.

 The results our Studio members have been getting through a combination of Studio Cycle and Studio Sculpt is amazing. If you want to see amazing changes to your body shape come along and join us. Our classes are small and friendly.

Small and friendly classes

Sculpt Studio

Clear instruction
Here is a light hearted but true take on large wearhouse type gyms.

Class Timetable

Disco lights make for a fun atmosphere.

If you're new to The Studio ek, to get you started  you can try as many classes as you like for 3 weeks for just £20. We will also send you our e guide..... 5 top tips how to get results fast and how large gym's won't work for most people ,Just leave your e mail address in the box below. It's FREE.

Always happy to help

To book a class text or call 07740166208 / 07793231064


12.15-1pm    STUDIO CYCLE         

1.15-2.15      STUDIO SCULPT        

6-6.45           STUDIOFIT20/20

7-7.45           STUDIO CYCLE

8-9                STUDIO SCULPT


10-11am   StudioCombo

5.15-6        STUDIO CYCLE

6.15-7.15  STUDIO SCULPT

7.30-8.15      STUDIO CYCLE


12.15-1pm  STUDIO CYCLE

1.15-2.15    STUDIO SCULPT

6-6.45         STUDIOFIT20/20

7-8               STUDIO SCULPT

8.15-9         STUDIO CYCLE


10-11am    StudioCombo

5.15-6pm   STUDIO CYCLE

6.15-7.15   STUDIO SCULPT

7.30-8.15   STUDIO SCULPT

8.30-9.15   STUDIO CYCLE


12.15-1pm  STUDIO CYCLE

1.15-2.15    STUDIO SCULPT

6.-7            STUDIOFIT20/20


10-11am      STUDIO SCULPT

11.15-12.00 STUDIO CYCLE


 07740166208 / 07793231064.  


The Studio Di8t info

The Studio Di8t

The Studio Di8t is for individuals with a real desire to lose body fat, feel great and get measurable results. It is about eating the right foods in the right quantities to complement your exercise routine. Changing your body, increasing your energy levels, looking and feeling healthier. 
You will receive an initial 1 hour consultation. You will be weighed, which will include your body fat %, measured, asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire and bring a completed food diary. Your goals will be discussed and we will identify what is stopping you achieving the healthy body shape you deserve.

You will commit to an 8 week programme and have a personal one to one progress study every 2 weeks to chart your progress. And of course we will be on hand at The Studio to answer any queries in the meantime.

This new Studio Di8t will not be included in your membership package, there will be a fee of £80 for the 8 week transformation. You can still sign up even if you're not a current Studio member for £120. 

This Diet works if followed with commitment, so  be very clear you want to do this. We only want people who are committed to this. We want people to get a return on their investment.
 You will have to follow some simple rules and have a real commitment to change. No half hearted efforts.

To book call or text 07740166208 / 07793231064 leave a PM on facebook, or email

Together we can make it happen.

Gee n Lee.